Cool Your Mp3

Surprise! You just received a very cool and advanced MP3 player as a gift! Why don;t you start to decorate it and make it look even more fabulous? Click the floating icons under the MP3 to choose colors and patterns for the operating area, screen, body and earphones of your machine. You can also decorate the back side of your MP3 by clicking the right arrow. Remember to SAVE what you have done before showing.

Bling Bling Toe Nails

Is there a party waiting for you or are you hanging out with friends? Come and treat yourself with a fine pedicure before going. Color and paint your toe nails,decorate your feet with decals and ankle bracelets to get a bling bling look

Resplendent Cloakroom Decoration

God gives you a resplendent cloakroom,playing your imagination to design it.Clicking the right button,you can move the room.And You could see the whole room also by clicking the sign below. Two points of view send you two feelings.

Cake Deco

Make the most tasty and good looking cake you could ever dream of.

Degrassi Style Dressup - Manny, Mia & Paige

Drag and drop the hair and clothing to dressup Manny, Mia and Paige from Degrassi High

Degrassi Style Dressup - Liberty & J.T.

Degrassi Style Dressup game featuring Liberty & J.T.

Degrassi Style Dressup - Ellie, Emma & Hazel

Drag and drop Degrassi style dressup game featuring Ellie, Emma & Hazel

Degrassi Style Dressup - Alex, Ashley & Darcy

Dress up Alex, Ashley & Darcy in this Degrassi style dressup game.

Cake Girly

Make your own delicious cake in this funny game!

BobiBobi Pizza

This time we are preparing pizza with BobiBobi. Our hero will not make it by himself because he has problems with memory. We have to help him trying to memorize the ingredients and then preparing the pizza according to the recipe. We;ve got lots of pizzas to make and lots of recipes to remember. After the pizza is prepared, we get a suitable amount of golden stars as a reward.